Who Is As A Wiseman?

Who Is As A Wiseman?

Speaker: Pastor Brian Naidoo

 Series: June 2015

 Scripture: Galatians 4:1-11

In the book of John it is recorded that the Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us. The direct reference of that scripture is the incarnation of God in the Lord Jesus Christ, who was God in flesh. But that is not the end of the interpretation of that scripture. Adam was also the Word made flesh, for God spoke him into existence just like the Lord Jesus Christ. Later on, God broke the Seals on Adam’s life and Eve came out as the Bride. And Eve is made from the inside material taken from Adam, which is a type of the believer today. Therefore we are the Word made flesh for our day in this age we are living. And God created heaven for his throne and described the earth as His footstool. A footstool speaks of God’s feet, which suggests that God is desirous of walking on the earth. He loves to walk on the earth together with his children in fellowship and communion. After all, the earth itself was made for man, not God. And the only reason God comes down to the earth is to walk with man and fellowship with him. And when we are in fellowship with God, we become pilgrims and strangers to this world because we start patterning after the heavenly home. As strangers on this earth, this explains why we will not even be missed from the earth when the rapture takes place. We are not of this earth; we come from another land. And the natural inhabitants of this earth will not miss strangers who just happened to pass through the land. Because of the spiritual amnesia we have, God brings His Word again to us just as a reminder to take us to the familiar grounds of our origin. The Word comes to bring to remembrance the fact that we are supernatural beings with supernatural birth, we have a heavenly origin, we are pedigreed with divine traits of our Lord and that we are God’s children and not bastards. As God’s children, we are like that eagle which was raised in the barnyard. Before we accepted the Message of the Hour, we were trapped in the chicken barnyard of denominationalism. We did not become God’s seed when we accepted the Message, but were already God’s seed even in our days of ignorance. However, there just was something in us which could not digest the denominational chicken feed of women preaching and other doctrines. As the eagle has different appetite from the chicken, we used to throw out the food thrown on the floor at us from the pulpit. Whereas chickens enjoy that food, we are made to soar into the heavenlies and from there we begin to scan the terrain and see where our food is. When we are in the heavens like the eagle, we can see in the scripture all the parts of the Bible and we then choose to anoint that part of the Word which gives us faith. We anoint ourselves with the rapture. We anoint ourselves with the New Birth. We anoint ourselves with the New Jerusalem. Yes, we are different from the denominational chickens. We are eagles. But the chickens always look at us and complain why we are different. In that barnyard, the chickens were laughing at the little eagle because of its strange behaviour. This is the same behaviour which Moses showed after the burning bush experience where he met God. God actually took Moses as His overall. God wore the body of Moses. Therefore when Moses spoke, it was God speaking in Moses. And it was difficult now to distinguish between Moses speaking as a man, and God in a man speaking as God. No wonder Paul was able to say things which have become the Bible today, and in other places he says that he speaks with permission. The point is that regardless of the opposition from men, if one man is found standing with God, that man is in the majority. That is why these holy men of God lived in two worlds at the same time. Moses, Paul, the Prophet all lived in two worlds at the same time. We must be thankful for the Word which shows us our state and its condition. Yes, the Galatians were told by Paul that they had begun in the Spirit and are now finishing in the flesh. He rebuked them for having been bewitched. Paul picks up the same rebuking rod and spanks the Corinthians with it, causing the book of Corinthians to be described as the book of corrections. Yet rebuke and correction is what people do not want. We do not want to be told that we are Galatians. We do not want to hear that we are Corinthians. We only want to listen to the gospel which says we are Ephesians. As the Prophet teaches, the Ephesian church represents the church at its maturity in Word and in Spirit, where it is really established in the things of God. Ephesians therefore represents the church’s standing. It is the church’s potential. But for the church to reach the Ephesian standing, it needs to know first its state and condition so that it fixes up its life in order to reach that perfect standing of Ephesus. It is therefore necessary for us to know our state so that we can attain our standing in God. If we fail to recognise that need, we become a deceived church. Let us look at Namaan. He was in a terrible state of leprosy, which is a type of sin. He knew of his state well. But he was told of his potential, his standing under the ministry of Elisha the Prophet in Israel. Therefore he made a trip to Israel and was instructed to dip himself into the waters of Jordan. Namaan had to dip himself in the river. That was an effort he had to show. No wonder we need to come and dip ourselves in the Word of God from one service to another, from Sunday service to Wednesday service every week. We need to discern time and judgement. Let us not come to the church like shoppers going into the mall. Just like some people go to the mall with sensational clothing designed to cause a stir among onlookers, there are people who come to church just to trap other believers, be it with the way they dress or walk or talk; but they come just to deceive. Then there are other people who just go the shopping mall for the purpose of window-shopping. These people do not have money, but they just want to look and see anyhow those things which they cannot afford. Similar people in the church just look at other people’s clothing and desire to dress likewise and copy and envy and covet. Then there are others who go to the mall for accessing the ATM Machine, just to withdraw cash. These are like people come church for monetary reasons, seeking help from believers. When they see other believers, they see them as mobile and ATM machines, to help with cash for transport, food or other things. Yet there is another class of people who just go into the mall to eat from the food outlets. Such are the believers who come into service to feast upon the Word and the Word alone. As the preacher says in Ecclessiastes 8, we need to keep the King’s commandment, which is His Word, which is reflected by the sword in Sabino Canyon which landed in the Prophet’s hand and fitted his palm exactly. Why did the sword fit the hand perfectly? God and man were one again. That is why we even see the Prophet just moving people through the prayer line, and they get healed without him even saying a prayer. The Prophet was holding the Sword, which demons fear when they see it displayed. When we are in God’s sight we need not be in a hurry to leave, like thinking of going home while the service is on. Let us avoid the church trap of being caught up in doctrine only with the Spirit of the Lord missing. Good doctrine with the wrong spirit is a dangerous thing. The Prophet preferred a man with the wrong doctrine but the right spirit because the right spirit ensures that the man can be led easily to the right doctrine without pulling up fights. After all, as says the scripture, the letter killeth. This scripture has a compound meaning. The letter can kill literary those wrong things in us. For example, when an unbeliever comes into the presence of believers wearing long dresses, they may feel odd among those people and in the next service they may wear long clothes in order to fit in. that change in conduct is caused by the letter. And when viewed from eyes of the onlooker, one may think that the letter has killed the desire for worldly clothing in the churchgoer. But if there has been no conviction from the heart, that dressing is just a formality. It leads to the trap of ritualism in the church. The letter would have killed, in two senses, the wrong appetite for worldly clothes, and the growth of that believer into a spiritual encounter with God. The letter can equally kill brothers and sisters in the church, we just need to be careful in discerning time and judgement. While in his study, God revealed to the minister how judgement always comes after a fall, starting from Genesis all the way to the book of Revelation. No wonder the Lord Jesus Christ came in 1963 on the 28th of February as Judge. In Revelations 10, Christ cries out that time is no longer, now is the time for judgement as the Gospel has already moved with civilisation from East to West. We need to get into the ark of the Word, in order to avoid the judgement of God. And we have this assurance, as believers, that the beast and her image will not bind us as Christ comes with one foot on the land and another one on the sea.


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