World of Illusions: Part 1

World of Illusions: Part 1

Speaker: Charles Olivier

 Series: October 2014

 Scripture: Exodus 33:18-23; Isaiah 60:1-10; John 1:4-10

As prefigure of the previous theme of time, Brother Charles reiterated that nothing in this world of time is real. The only true reality is in eternity – the unseen. Therefore eternity and time have a relationship like that of a positive and negative picture respectively. Time is a shadow of eternity.

The Minister gave a little psychometric test showing how our perception of things is biased by the previous experiences. The following phrases were projected on the screen before the audience:


The congregation was allowed some time to draw their own conclusions on the two statements. The minister then explained that in the first instance, the word LIKE is used as a comparative term where the flight of time is paralleled to the swift shooting speed of an arrow. Given that previous interpretation of the first statement, we approach the second sentence with that same contextual perception that the word LIKE carries in comparative connotations. However, when we read the second phrase we realise that the analogy is not really in order. The word LIKE has been used in the second case to denote affinity; it is pointing to the affective domain. The fruit flies (insects) like the banana fruit. Thus human beings are easily conditioned to a particular perception of reality and carry that same perceptual bias in all other things they come across.

In psychology, they talk of the COLOUR EFFECT. According to scientific evidence, when light passes through another medium, it gets refracted. The minister illustrated the point by referring to the quotations where the Prophet mentions that when a ray of light being directed through a triangular prism, it produces seven colours of the rainbow. In continuing with this thought, the minister observed that the colour we see on objects and things around us does not really come from those things. In other words, a red pen is really not red. What is happening is that all other colours are absorbed by the pen and only the red colour is reflected back. Therefore colour comes from light and when we see that colour reflected in our eyes, we tend to describe the object by that red colour we see in our eyes. The brain is simply a decoder of what we see, which is transmitted via the eyes to the central nervous system. That is how we see a red apple with green leaf as was illustrated

Again psychologists talk of the TABULA RASA concept which maintains that when we are born into the world, we come with a blank slate, we come empty with no perceptions, norms, beliefs, ideas and other such inclinations. It is only through the interaction with people around us that we start writing on those tablets of our minds the values which we subsequently espouse. Therefore beginning with mothers in the first place for the majority of cases and siblings (immediate family), the writing starts. The teachers at school take over the process of influencing us and handover the baton stick to the church which further shapes and moulds us in our values. Later on employers do the same.

Time is just a little hickey on the continuous circle of eternity. That interval is only 7,000 years long broken up into 3 sets of 2,000 years with the remaining thousand years being simply the millennial reign of Christ on earth which is the completion of the first day which Adam and Eve failed to live through by way of the fall in the Garden of Eden. Therefore time is temporal while eternity is the only permanent reality.

The minister showed a picture of a man with an amputated leg. It has been proven that such people experience itches and other sensations on the missing leg because, in reality, that leg is there somewhere in another realm. This agrees with what the Prophet said about the hair he lost from his bald head. He pointed out that those strands of hair are there in eternity waiting for him to come beyond the curtain of time. There is no loss on earth but only a transfer from one dimension to another.

The minister also showed a small video clip of David Copperfield’s claim to read our minds. On the clip, 6 cards were placed and the audience was told to choose their one card, which subsequently went missing. 

No wonder the Prophet said there is only one true sense, which he called the sixth sense, which is Faith. All other five senses of the body lie to us if they don’t agree with the 6th sense. They are contrary to the promises of God.

The entire social structures of this world are deliberately designed to collectively programme us in in certain way. From this collective programming, called MEME, we end up using only the left side of the brain. This is in contrast to what God made us. Therefore we find ourselves operating at 50% capacity of what we are really capable of because of social programming.

The minister mentioned that he had warned the school where he worked before against the dangers of the so-called Outcomes Based Education (OBE) which South Africa embraced. The OBE model was created to enforce left-brain dominance.

Brother Charles talked about the MEME which is defined as an element of culture which is passed from one person to another by imitation and other non-genetic means. Through the legal system, the social system, the economic system, the political system etc., we have been programmed to use the left side of our brains. No wonder we struggle with concepts of faith because of the inclination towards the left side of the brain. We have been shaped and conditioned that in order to succeed we need to go to school, achieve an academic certification, go to work and live comfortably. So strong is the programming that we even pressurise our children and those around us to do the same. The real needful thing is, however, to seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these other things would be added.

In 2nd Corinthians 2:11 Paul mentions that we are not ignorant of Satan’s devices. It is the devil who is causing young people to wear their caps front-side-back and their pants hanging low through mind-changing floods of images transmitted through global marketing and its emphasis on logos that are big on pride and prestige credentials. This is also meme. We have become prisoners not of the Word, as the Bible teaches we should become, but of the world, which we are seriously warned not to do.

The Prophet said we are subject to the senses that we allow to dominate in our lives. If we allow the 5 senses to have pre-eminence, then they dominate us. But we should allow faith to prevail shun everything else which opposes it. All that we have in possession has been given by God. The jobs and assets we have come from God. The scripture says that the battle is not to the strong but time and chance equally come to all human kind. It is God who provides.

In the message called Masterpiece, the Prophet says that we are here on earth in negative form. There is another dimension in which we live in the positive. The Prophet goes further to say that for an image to form, there should be a lens and light. The light must strike the lens and then an image will be formed. No wonder the Bible says, that we should arise and shine for your light is come, and the glory of God is risen upon thee. The glory refers to an earthly manifestation. We must reflect the eternal world while living here on earth. That is why the Lord Jesus Christ says that he is going to prepare a dwelling place for us in that other world of eternity. That eternal world is the only reality to the Christian. The same theme is expounded by the Prophet in the message Turn on the Light/There is a Man who can turn on the Light and other Easter Messages. In the eternal world, we exist at our best state in terms of physical wellbeing. God took a picture of us at around 18 years of age and kept it filed up in heaven. That is the image He has of us. That explains why, when the Prophet went beyond the curtain of time, he was surprised to be hugged by a young teenage woman who was 90 years old on earth when he led her to the Lord. Therefore in all our conduct and life, we reflect the faith and hope we have in the reality of the eternal world. That is why we confess our sins and repent. That is why we are baptised. That is why we praise and worship God. That is why we come to church for fellowship and communion with God.

We believe in being elected, called, anointed and then placed. God elected us before the foundation of the world. He then called us to repentance and being identified with Christ. Next follows the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, anointing us with His Spirit. Lastly we are placed positionally into the Body of Christ where the Holy Spirit leads us. Our placing is Sonship. See the Message “The Great Warrior David”. Those that are led by the Spirit are the sons of God.

We do not need to embrace the societal programming, meme, which the world has created as a standard for us. There are no superior and inferior jobs to the children of God. Whatever God has called us to express here on earth, we should do it to the best of our abilities. If we are a delivery man, so be it, we should do that to the best of our ability knowing that in that role, and we are expressing God on earth. It is just like a theatrical role on earth, a shadow of the real thing in heaven. When the Bible talks of Sonship, it is referring to our position in Christ. The word Sonship is not gender-inclined. It embraces both men and women in the same way that the word Bride includes both men and women who believe and therefore make up the mystical body of the Lord Jesus Christ. In an age of people’s rights, the Prophet spoke of sons and daughters just to accommodate the feminist spirit otherwise in the Holy Writ there is only Sonship. In our respective neighbourhoods, therefore, we need to reflect Christ as written epistles read of all men.

As creatures from eternity, we are homesick. We yearn and long for our heavenly abode. We are sick and tired of hospitals, sick and tired of pain and bills and worries and stress. The Prophet says that if that world is not real, if eternity is not a reality to the Christian, then he would be the most miserable person on earth. In reality, the Prophet goes on to say, we have not seen one another yet. We are spirits that are communicating out of physical bodies but the real beings behind, the real inner man veiled behind flesh, is yet to be manifested.

Since God says that we should arise and shine for your light is come, the devil then comes also to present himself as an angel of light. But the Satan is just a false light. False light gives a false reflection, of which we are warned in the book of Timothy that some have already turned away after satan – the false light.

We have a choice today on what we should do. When Moses saw the light burning, he turned aside to see. In the same manner, we have to make a choice about this Message. We are pilgrims and strangers here on earth looking for a city to come like father Abraham.

Never should we be pre-occupied with our jobs. In reality, we would be actually spending effort on a curse. As a result of the fall, God cursed the ground and declared that man shall work for a living – in the sweat of his brows. When jobs dominate our lives, it is the curse which is ruling our lives. That is why in the eternal world there are no jobs, there is no work. Actually we will be having servants working for us. That is the reality. That is what we must focus on.

The minister explained that the burden on his heart is not that people should become cleverer and intellectual. By pointing to the fulfilment of what the Prophet said, even though he supplies scientific proofs, the desire is for each believer to have a relationship with His Maker. The Message has to become personal at the end of the day. Now he understood how God took him through the path in life which he has taken in terms of his career. With hindsight, the minister observed that God was preparing him for the task ahead, to make sense of what the Prophet said while doing so in the same anointing in which the Messenger of the Age delivered those Messages.


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